Biden puts VP Harris in charge of border influx

Source Center For Inquiry

Biden, barely more than two months in office, is struggling to get a handle on a burgeoning migration challenge along the USA border with Mexico - a problem the Democrat blamed on "the somewhat draconian" policies of his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump, who left office with his border wall incomplete. On the bathroom floor", he said.Asked if he was hands-on at the birth, Tindall revealed that a friend of Zara's who had been present at the birth of the couple's previous children was on hand again."She was there and recognized that we wouldn't have got to hospital in time, so yeah, it was running to the gym, get a mat, get into the bathroom, get the mat on the floor, towels down, brace, brace, brace."Tindall added, "Fortunately the midwife who was going to meet us at the hospital wasn't that far away so she drove up, and got there just as we'd assumed the position".

Harris said there was "no question that this is a challenging situation".

"We're going to look at the possibility for people in their home countries in the Northern Triangle to have a predictable, regular process of seeking asylum there so they don't have to take this phenomenally risky journey or, worse yet, send their children unaccompanied", said one senior official who briefed reporters on the Harris move.

"It's a huge problem", said Harris.

She added that two Biden administration envoys were now travelling to Mexico and Guatemala where the White House says they will seek "to develop an effective and humane plan of action to manage migration".

In an interview after the tour, Torres described children accommodated four to a room, and said she saw no signs of overcrowding.

"We have to reconstruct it". Harris will work with countries to enhance immigration enforcement on their borders, Biden said.

The Washington Post, in an analysis looking at data, said there in fact has been no "surge" of migrants entering the United States, with recent numbers in line with seasonal norms before the pandemic.

Top House Republican Kevin McCarthy has spoken of a "Biden border crisis" and former secretary of state Mike Pompeo tweeted that Biden "supports restrictions on pretty much everything except the border".

In the first two months of Biden's administration, the situation at the border has intensified, reportedly, in part, because more migrants from Central America have the perception that Biden will be kinder to them - though it's also true that nothing has changed for many of their risky and impoverished living situations at home, from which some of them are seeking refuge or asylum.

Under the Trump administration, Homeland Security took the lead on border policy, and it's not clear that that will change.

Some of Biden's fellow Democrats have also called for action to stem the migrant flow.

While the Biden administration is still expelling adults who arrive without documentation, it has refused to send back into harm's way children who are unaccompanied by a guardian.

As a result, thousands of migrant children are regularly being held by immigration authorities longer than the mandated 72-hour limit, after which they are meant to be turned over to Health and Human Services centres that are better equipped to offer care.

Some critics accuse Biden of replacing Trump's unapologetically harsh measures with an approach of hiding the treatment of migrants by restricting media access.

The White House has also dispatched officials to a Texas resettlement facility.