Biden Attends Memorial Day Ceremony, Pays Tribute to Fallen Service Members

Biden marks son Beau's death with grave visit, tribute to military

On Memorial Day, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris commemorate those who died in USA military service. "Despite all the pain, I know the pride you feel in the loved one you have lost". "Our losses are not the same, but that black hole you feel in your chest as if it's gonna suck you into it, we get", Biden said, noting that Sunday marked the sixth anniversary of his son Beau's death.

He largely avoided the particulars of worldwide affairs on Sunday, though he pledged to press Russia's Vladimir Putin on human rights during their summit in Geneva next month and said that the moment was right to show the world, and namely China, that the United States was ready to lead again after four years of a largely inward-looking foreign policy under President Donald Trump. "My heart is torn in half by the grief".

He further stated that the nation must honor the sacrifices of generations of service members "by sustaining the best of America while honestly confronting all that we must do to make our nation fuller, freer and more just".

Biden reassured the audience that he and first lady Jill Biden understand many of their challenges. "Our loyalty to them and to their families is eternal and everlasting", Trump continued Monday. "I want to assure each of those families we will never forget what you gave to our country", he said. He said he carries a piece of paper in his jacket pocket with the number of troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. "Duty, honor, and country-they lived for it, they died for it, and we as a nation are eternally grateful".

In addressing the sacrifice made by military families who have lost a loved one, Biden spoke at length about his personal experience of losing his son Beau Biden, a veteran of the Iraq war, who died of brain cancer six years ago Sunday. And I believe it's a soul worth fighting for.

Biden then touched on voting rights, an issue that he has vocally championed as Republican-led legislatures across the country have sought to pass numerous election-related bills this year.

He went on, "Our freedom and the freedom of innumerable others has been secured by young men and women who answered the call history and gave everything in service of an idea".

"Democracy thrives, and the infrastructure of democracy is strong, when people have the right to vote freely and fairly and conveniently", he said.

"And I promise you the day will come when the mention of the name of your son or daughter, husband, wife - they will, in fact, bring not a tear to your eye, but a smile to your lips", Biden said. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark A. Milly will also speak.

An honor guard stands at attention during a Memorial Day event attended by President Joe Biden at Veterans Memorial Park at the Delaware Memorial Bridge in New Castle, Del., on May 30, 2021.