Beyoncé drops new visual album Black Is King

Beyoncé new music video ‘ALREADY’ is out now

With Black Is King, her new visual album released exclusively on the platform, comes "a global sense of Blackness, within and beyond the U.S.", per NPR. Based on her 2019 project The Lion King: The Gift, Black Is King is a feature-length visual accompaniment written, directed, and executive produced by Beyoncé. Check them out while you play the music video for "Already" over and over and over (no judgments). The song arrived on Juneteenth (June 19) and is now included on a deluxe edition of The Lion King: The Gift, streaming from today. The new album includes the single "Black Parade", an extended version of it and a remix of "Find Your Way Back" featuring Melo-X.

The Moroccan flag has been featured on the new video clip that American star Beyoncé has just released. She also uses the video to highlight the beauty of being Black and includes lots of celebratory dancing.

"Me and my friends got COVID tested and watched "Black Is King" last night", she wrote in an Instagram Story.

She explained the visual album presents "elements of Black history and African tradition, with a modern twist and a universal message".

In the visually arresting new clip, Beyoncé is seen in a number of locations, moving from outdoor nature scenes where she appears adorned in body paint in a tree, to a warehouse where she's flanked by dancers.

[.] Expressively the film's plot, as it is, takes some Lion King and then weaves a very different Magic Kingdom than Disney fans have been used to for most of the company's history.