Bernie Sanders denies telling Elizabeth Warren a woman can't win

Elizabeth Warren Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders participate in the December debate in Los Angeles

Pete Buttigieg would be the youngest president ever.

It will also provide a chance for the billionaire hedge fund manager and environmental activist Tom Steyer, as well as Sen.

Encouraged by the dwindling number of people sharing the stage, Minnesota U.S. Sen. Their poll performances, however, make their bids a long shot.

Tuesday's debate will feature just six candidates, making it the smallest debate field yet during the 2020 cycle. I thought a woman could win; he disagreed. The candidates who qualified are ex-Vice President Joe Biden, Sen.

Sanders later said that he didn't approve of talking negative points about other rival candidates. Recently, however, his numbers have started to slip. She is the "candidate of the elite".

In national polls, Warren and Buttigieg have fallen behind further, according to records kept by RealClearPolitics. "That's the kind of commander in chief we need", Sanders campaign wrote in a formal statement, previewing a line of attack the senator will likely continue on the debate stage against the former vice president.

Polling has shown the Democratic race is wide open.

"The idea that Warren trotted this out to damage Sanders seems very unlikely", tweeted feminist writer Jessica Valenti.

Will anyone even touch Buttigieg? Sanders apologized to the women, promising to "do better".

The mechanism of the Iowa caucuses may give an advantage to Sanders.

Pollsters asked likely caucus goers who they would pick if the only viable candidates in their caucus site were the top four. She said earlier in the race, for instance, a friend urged her to support Harris, but Vernon hesitated because she wasn't sure the senator from California could defeat Trump. Sanders is also leading in New Hampshire, the next state to vote. Second in line was Warren, with more than $60 million raised and close to $26 million on hand.

In this last debate before next month's Iowa caucuses, Klobuchar will go up against fellow Sens.

Cory Booker, the day after ending his presidential bid, appeared on CBS News this morning and said he wasn't "taking anything off the table" with regards to a possible vice presidential nomination.

Steyer has poured more than $22 million into TV and radio ads in SC and Nevada alone, the states which vote third and fourth in the contest, making him responsible for three-quarters of the combined spending in both states and boosting him into second place in some polls.

Sanders told reporters after a weekend event that the media had overblown the tension between the campaigns, the New York Times reported. Bloomberg, who joined the race in November, doesn't plan to collect donations for his presidential campaign. The two friends meet at 9 Drake University in Des Moines.

"The racial and ethnic diversity of the Democratic field and our willingness to speak directly to issues of racism, has made me proud to be a Democrat and an American". The tenth is scheduled for February 25 in Charleston, South Carolina, before the state's February 29 primary.

And Steyer, who has largely flown under the radar throughout the campaign, could look to capitalize on a handful of recent polls that have shown him gaining traction in some of the early primary states with a standout debate moment. But their interest in Biden dropped as the year wore on and he faced greater criticism, with just 17 percent of these voters supporting him by December, according to a CNN poll released that month.