BC eases restrictions to allow outdoor gatherings up to 10 people

B.C. eases COVID-19 restrictions to allow outdoor social gatherings up to 10 people

The province's seven-day rolling average number of cases has increased in recent weeks, she said, though hospitalizations have levelled off and the number of deaths being linked to the illness has decreased significantly.

Of the active cases, 244 individuals are now hospitalized with COVID-19, 68 of whom are in intensive care.

The uptick is a result of both the new coronavirus and the overdose crisis, said Henry, adding COVID-19 was the eighth most common cause of death in 2020 and illicit drug toxicity was the fifth top cause. The pandemic is still very much with us. The restrictions that we have in bars and restaurants and pubs remain in effect.

Your personal and collective actions - washing your hands, staying home when ill, wearing masks, giving others the space to stay safe, staying apart from friends and family, and following the public health orders and restrictions - have made a significant difference.

Telus apologized for the bumpy start when many people experienced repeated busy signals and messages telling them to call back later.

"We need to save our big parties for the summer", added Dr. Henry.
There are many things that we can do in day trips.

The province has banned all events and social gatherings since December.

Grabbing a coffee with a friend, relaxing on a deck, or allowing your kids to meet their friends at a playground are all activities that are now allowed.

Groups can gather at a park, beach, or the backyard of a residence - but indoor gatherings of any size are still not allowed. The requirements for restaurants and bars also continue.

Dr. Henry said these amendments are in line with what was introduced for New Year's Eve.

There was a "slight increase" in B.C.'s mortality rate previous year, Henry said, though B.C. has seen fewer "extra deaths" due to COVID-19 than other jurisdictions, including Ontario, Quebec and the United States.