Basildon Hospital supports antibiotic resistant bacteria campaign

Basildon Hospital supports antibiotic resistant bacteria campaign

The time may come when penicillin can be bought by anyone in the shops.

Unfortunately, Fleming' premonition has been uncannily accurate.

The release of CR's story comes as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and Consumers International, a federation of 240 member organizations in more than 100 countries, mount campaigns to curtail the overuse of antibiotics to prevent the spread of superbugs.

Specialist staff at Basildon Hospital added their support to a national campaign to highlight the growing problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Obviously, the term actually refers to bacteria becoming resistant to drugs. An in-flight PSA about antibiotic stewardship, produced by the Michigan Antibiotic Resistance Reduction (MARR) Coalition, is now featured on Jet Blue and other airlines.

Therefore, there is nothing we can change about our bodies that will overcome the resistance to antibiotics in the bacteria. "For others, the remaining bacteria can develop resistance to the antibiotic prescribed".

Has this cow used your antibiotics recently?

And now that superbugs have developed resistance to antibiotics, those days could return. Antibiotic resistance has been around for a long time.

Can you imagine ending up in hospital because of a paper cut
Can you imagine ending up in hospital because of a paper cut

"Though farms use a lot of antibiotics, many are never or rarely prescribed to humans". However, our reliance on antibiotics has consequences for antibiotic resistance; it is speeding up the process. Critical steps are improved surveillance of antibiotic-resistant infections, regulation of the appropriate use of quality medicines, and education about the dangers of overuse.

"CDC's observance and promotion of "Get Smart About Antibiotics Week" is a major component of the organization's goal to improve the proper prescribing and use of antibiotics in communities, healthcare facilities, and in livestock production", said Brian Dial, pharmacist at Scotland Memorial Hospital.

They found a high prevalence of the mcr-1 gene in E coli samples from animals and raw meat. "Antibiotic resistance is compromising our ability to treat infectious diseases and undermining many advances in medicine". "And we will be reaching out to the clinics on that virus plan that if they have what has been diagnosed as a cold or sore throat, or an ear infection that is a virus, then we are going to give them information on how to get sleep, what medications and what dosages to take for the Tylenol or ibuprofen".

Antibiotics are only active against bacteria. There are many different types of antibiotics used to treat different infections, which means that your infection will not be treated correctly, also increasing the chance that bacteria will become resistant.

To encourage Minnesotans to use antibiotics wisely and halt the continuing rise of resistant infections, Governor Mark Dayton proclaimed Nov. 16-22 as "Get Smart - Know When Antibiotics Work Week" in Minnesota. He notes that "inappropriate prescribing" for both humans and animals is a key cause of resistance. Many talks of an antibiotic "discovery void" since the late 1980s. It has no relation to whether antibiotics or other drugs were regularly used or not.


But it is clear that a new, more global approach is needed. That is why it matters so much that the Chinese government is showing interest in the problem. We are currently in a race between drug development and bacterial evolution. Finally a priority must be to invest effort, expertise, and commitment to create a better-informed public that understands the issue of AMR and feels empowered to be part of the global solution.