Barr's Obama-era 'unmasking' investigation reportedly ends without charges, public report

AG Barr visits St. Louis in Trump admin push to control rising crime

A third meta-investigation conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham is apparently ongoing, but Barr has told GOP senators that no findings will be released before the election, angering Trump.

He visited New Mexico on Wednesday to provide an update on Operation Legend, which was launched earlier this year by the Trump administration in honor of a Kansas City boy who was killed in June.

The end of Bash's inquiry means it is unlikely that Trump will be able to point to politically motivated and wrongfully initiated investigations into his 2016 campaign ahead of Election Day.

Recently, news emerged that the Justice Department had concluded an investigation commissioned by Barr into the Obama-era "unmasking" of people named in national security documents related to the Russian Federation investigation - a practice that Trump and conservatives pundits claimed was a political conspiracy.

Unmasking refers to the naming of USA citizens whose identities were blacked out in reports from the National Security Agency that captured their communications with a foreign national.

Last year Barr appointed John Durham, a federal prosecutor in CT, to investigate USA intelligence officials for their handling of a probe into Trump's 2016 campaign.

Trump complained to Newsmax that the lack of arrests from the probe were "ridiculous" and a "disgrace".

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) declared in May that Biden had been "caught red-handed" after the list of Obama officials who had requested Flynn's unmasking was released.

The New York Times, in its report, added that Bash's findings were handed over to Durham's team, according to Justice Department officials. In this case, Americans' names appeared in intelligence reports that were generated from electronic eavesdropping on foreign nationals. Trump and his allies seized on the development and said it showed that Biden and others improperly unmasked the former national security advisor's identity.

Moreover, the list documented unmasking requests made through the National Security Agency, while transcripts documenting Flynn's conversations with Kislyak were an Federal Bureau of Investigation product, meaning the names on the declassified list Grenell released are unrelated to Flynn's conversations with Kislyak. It is important to note that the Post, which first reported the news about Bash's conclusions, "was unable to review the full results of what Bash found".

Trump has long said that the Durham probe will yield damning evidence of a broad conspiracy against him, but such evidence hasn't yet materialized. He also declined to say whether he would keep Barr on as attorney general for a potential second term.