Barnaby Joyce has officially been sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister

Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton Prime Minister Scott Morrison Deputy Prime Minister Michael Mc Cormack and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg depart the House of Representatives after the Treasurer handed down the Budget

Barnaby Joyce has been appointed Leader of The Nationals and sworn in as the new Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, ousting Michael McCormack in a leadership spill.

In a fiery Question Time Mr Joyce also said he would stand up for coal jobs in regional Queensland and New South Wales and also told Labor leader Anthony Albanese that he wanted him to keep his job for years to come because he was an easy opponent.

"If Mr McCormack remains in that position we are keen to keep working with him, and would also like to invite the new Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, to visit Benalla so he can see the two Inland Rail plans now on the table - and why we prefer the track realignment".

"Net zero will happen as soon as possible and the prime minister has made that very clear", she told Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) television.

McCormack has been beset by leadership rumblings for yonks - quite extraordinary, considering the party room consists of just 21 people. "It is not Barnaby policy - it's Nationals policy", he said.

Ms Ryan said many agricultural firms were already pushing for this target and would achieve it through innovative farming and other measures. Given he (Mr Morrison) can not be here physically, I will hold that chair.

Joyce was on Monday returned as deputy PM after defeating incumbent Michael McCormack in a ballot for the leadership of the National Party, which forms the governing Coalition with PM Scott Morrison's Liberal Party.

"We need to ensure that we give our children, our grandchildren, the strength and the liberties and the capacity to say what they like and the capacity to be what they want to be".

His exit from the job in February 2018 followed an extramarital affair with former staffer Vikki Campion as well as a separate allegation of sexual harassment, which he has always strongly denied.

"I think he's done a good job for the last three-and-a-half-years", she said.

"I'm not even sure it matters for the purposes of QT though".

He was joined by his partner Vicki Campion and his two sons.

"I will uphold the dignity of that chair as I have always done".

"A lot of people consider Barnaby a Queenslander".

"On behalf of NHVR staff, chief executive and the board, I congratulate Barnaby and welcome him to the role", Gay said. "It's called democracy", he said to the press directly after he was thrown out.