Awesome nurses surprise girl undergoing chemo with 'Frozen' sing-a-long

Nurses sing Let It Go with Millie

She is being treated at Glasgow's New Royal Hospital for Sick Children, and to keep her spirits up this group of nurses thought they'd give her a treat.

"Millie is showing chemo won't bring her down", the caption read.

"You are all fantastic!!" she said.

Three-year-old Millie McColl has stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a form of nerve cell cancer.

While receiving treatment last week, Millie and five of the night shift nurses put on a special performance of "Let It Go," complete with costumes, microphone, fake snow and coordinated dance moves.

"This is why we as Millie's family have made a decision to start fundraising now for further preventuarĀ treatment available only in the United States of America called the DFMO drug", it continues.

The McColls have used the website to share the highs and lows their daughter has faced, including being visited by Puffin the balloon animal artist and helping her cope with losing her hair to chemotherapy.

Lots of love to Millie and these wonderful nurses!

A heartwarming video of the sing-a-long was uploaded on a Facebook page that was set up for Millie to help fundraise for her medical treatment in the US.

The original video has been liked by over 12,000 people and shared by over 3,900 people to date.