Australia Floods Force Thousands Out of Their Homes

Australia begins'long haul to recovery as floodwaters recede

Cabinet minister Peter Dutton said more than 700 defence personnel would soon be deployed as the floods recede to help people return to their homes and businesses as quickly as possible. Police found the man's body inside a vehicle in Cattai Creek.

Police had determined the man was driving a brand new auto, on the first day of a new job and unfamiliar with the rural area, New South Wales Police Detective Inspector Chris Laird told media.

After a police search of Cattai Creek, the auto was found with a man's body inside about 1.10pm.

Water continued to flow from overloaded dams and rivers on Thursday, particularly in New South Wales state, leading authorities to urge caution.

Australia's Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) issued flood warnings from the northern border with the state of Queensland "all the way down the east coast to Victoria", adding that there was a "developing flood situation in inland NSW".

Homes have been submerged, livestock swept away and crops drowned on a large scale.

"In the past days, great floods have caused serious damage in New South Wales", Francis said in his customary Wednesday remarks to the faithful.

He said: "The expanse of water that went right across that region was quite devastating to see".

The flooding seen in NSW in recent days is the worst in decades with communities on the Mid-North Coast area north of Sydney facing the worst flooding since 1929.

On the other hand, the southern part of northeastern Queensland, bordering New South Wales, is at the mercy of torrential rivers due to heavy rains, while bad weather strikes the far southeast of Australia, including the east. Tasmania. "We need to make sure that everybody stays out of floodwaters", she said. Thousands of homes have been affected, and many roads, bridges and rail lines damaged.

Several videos on social media in the state of New South Wales showed innumerable spiders swarming garages and homes, many clutching egg sacs.

Sydney funnel-webs are widely feared for their notoriously toxic and fast-acting venom, with 13 recorded deaths from bites.

The Australian Reptile Park - which supplies lifesaving antivenom - has encouraged people who "feel safe enough to do so" to catch and deliver wandering funnel-web spiders to designated collection facilities.