Astros Sign-Stealing: Team Manager, General Manager Dismissed

Exterior view of Minute Maid Park

On Monday, the Astros fired general manager Jeff Luhnow and manager A.J. Hinch after the league confirmed the team used cameras to steal pitching signs during the 2017 season. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow for one year as part of the discipline for stealing signs.

Before he was the manager of the Red Sox, Alex Cora was the bench coach of that 2017 Astros team.

■ Luhnow denied having knowledge of the scheme but was held accountable because Major League Baseball deemed "it is the job of the general manager to be aware of the activities of his staff and his players, and to ensure that those activities comport with both standards of conduct set by Club ownership and Major League Baseball rules". If MLB is too stupid or too corrupt to really put the screws to the Astros then pencil pushers like Manfred should have to admit to the public and the system should be brought down. Luhnow said he had no knowledge of the cheating but Major League Baseball held him responsible for his team's wrongdoings.

Baseball's investigation began when former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers, now with Oakland, made the allegations in a report by The Athletic on November 12.

The Astros used a live feed and had an employee bang on a nearby trashcan to relay off-speed pitches to the batter.

At Fenway Park, there's a "replay room" steps away from the dugout that managers can use to figure out whether they want to challenge plays.

Astros players, the investigation found, used a camera mounted in center-field to watch opponents' signals. In addition, the Astros will forfeit their first and second round picks in both 2020 and 2021.

"The Dodgers have also been asked not to comment on any wrongdoing during the 2017 World Series and will have no further comment at this time".

Luhnow and Hinch were suspended despite neither having involvement with the scheme.

When the sign sequence was decoded, a player in the video replay room would act as a "runner" to pass along the information to the dugout, according to the findings.

The Red Sox may have to wait until Major League Baseball finishes its investigation of Cora's actions in Boston before deciding his employment.

This is what the Manfred report said with respect to Cora.

Remember that second scheme about the replay room from earlier?

Stealing signs has always been a part of baseball, and the practice typically involves a team watching the hand signs used by an opposing team, such as those between a catcher and a pitcher.

The 2017 World Series title is absolutely tainted.