AstraZeneca Vaccine 92% Effective Against Hospitalisation From Delta Variant

Outside the Covid-19 ICU at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

The CDC's classifications define three classes of variants of COVID-19 - variants of interest, variants of concern, and variants of high effect.

Health leaders in Milwaukee County believe the Delta coronavirus variant is concerning to residents as the Centers for Disease Control announced there is growing evidence the variant is more contagious and causes more severe cases.

Mass vaccination sites may be gone in Milwaukee, but the city continues to work with partners at several vaccine clinics, including one at Helfaer Field where people who get their shot on-site also get two free Brewers tickets.

Throughout much of the pandemic, younger people have experienced milder symptoms or have been asymptomatic, which could explain the results of the United Kingdom -based study, he added.

A research letter, published by the Lancet on Monday, looked at 19,543 COVID-19 cases and 377 hospitalizations among 5.4 million people, including 7,723 cases and 134 hospitalizations in patients with the Delta variant, who tended to be younger and more affluent.

"This real world evidence shows that Covid-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca provides a high level of protection against the Delta variant, which is now a critical area of concern given its rapid transmission", Mene Pangalos, the executive vice president of AstraZeneca's BioPharmaceuticals R&D, said in a statement.

While the former was found 96 per cent effective against the Delta variants, the later is 92 per cent effective after two doses.

"I think the take-home point is we live in a society now of two different groups".

Initially, the classic COVID-19 symptoms were said to be a cough, fever and loss of smell or taste.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch says that even the runny nose and headache symptoms aren't new to the virus. All symptomatic Covid-19 cases that occurred between April 12 and June 4 were linked to the Emergency Care Dataset (ECDS) that records all hospital admissions through emergency departments of England.

While the data isn't clear, all the experts agree that it's more important than ever to proceed with caution.