As students return to campus, some universities publish coronavirus numbers

As students return to campus, some universities publish coronavirus numbers

In-person classes will be shut down for the next two weeks, and possibly for the rest of the semester, the university's President Rev. John Jenkins announced Tuesday. Samford University in Homewood posts daily updates to its COVID-19 Dashboard.

The school is now seeing at 13.6% of its coronavirus tests coming back positive - a rate that has almost doubled compared to the three weeks before classes began. Since Aug. 15, four students and one employee have tested positive. The university in lower Manhattan is also giving students the options of remote learning or a blended program between the two.

The results taken from nearly 6,000 off-campus students in Bloomington have yielded a positivity rate that is "in line with IU's expectations", the email said. They may not enter any other campus buildings until the result comes back negative, which could take several days in some cases.

"What we have observed at other college campuses around the nation highlights the importance of being proactive and having a plan in place to engage with residents, students and landlords so everyone understands the critical role we all play in keeping ourselves and our neighbors safe during this pandemic", said Brown. The university did not immediately respond to a request for further comment on the rise in cases.

Since North Carolina universities and colleges opened up to in-person classes in early August, clusters of coronavirus cases have been identified and reported.

Six UConn Huskies football players have tested positive for the new coronavirus, leading the school to suspend all team activities on Thursday.

Fauci said primary and secondary schools as a default position should try and reopen for the psychological health of children, but no single approach should apply to every school in the country.

Among student, faculty and staff concerns at ECU - and across the UNC System - is the fact that universities are not requiring all students to ne tested either when returning to campus or at established intervals. With them have come reports of hundreds of infections.

But the same information isn't available at each campus.

Another email detailed swift action taken with students who do not follow the safety guidelines for COVID-19.

New students moving in will be tested through Monday, Betzner said.