Apple's foldable device likely in 2021


But just to be clear, the survey reveals that users are willing to pay around $400-$500 more, so the very pricey $2,000 Samsung Galaxy Fold is in fact out of the question.

While popular smartphone makers like Samsung and Huawei are among the first to launch foldable smartphones, it looks like Apple fans might have to wait until 2021 to get their hands on a bendable iPhone or iPad.

We've been seeing reports for years suggesting that Apple has undeniable plans for devices with folding screens - something that's been made possible by OLED technology - and the evidence has continued to stack up.

If Apple is working on foldable devices, you can bet the company won't release anything until it's absolutely sure its products ready.

Investment bank UBS predicts that Apple could release a foldable iPhone by 2021.

According to a new UBS survey of customers, iPhone owners show a "generally higher" level of interest in foldable handsets than other groups.

Much of the demand still seems to be concentrated in China right now, however, although UBS said that's not surprising, since it was the Chinese market that also drove the adoption of smartphones with larger displays, which have since become popular throughout the rest of the world as well. Samsung's Galaxy Fold, for instance, reaches $2,000, so an iPhone that goes beyond this price point could be rather hard to sell. Some customers said they would pay up to US$600 for an upcoming foldable iPhone, yet the cheapest 2018 iPhone model starts at US$749. A new report, however, indicates that Apple's first foldable product might not be an iPhone, although a foldable iPhone would follow it. Reliable analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo or Mark Gurman have yet to air their piece on a potential foldable mobile device, probably because it is something that is not even in the development stages.

No matter what Apple does, it'll likely be a little more patient in developing a foldable device than Samsung.