Apple looks to widen the gap with all new Apple Watch models

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It was the second pandemic-era virtual event for the company, and executives made multiple references to the outbreak and the need to stay healthy in "these hard times", as CEO Tim Cook put it.

The iPad has been around for 10 years now, with over 500 million sold and Australian analysts Telsyte reckon Apple are selling nearly a million a year here in Australia at least.

The biggest addition to the Apple Watch is the all-new blood oxygen monitor.

The Apple Watch Series 6 sport several exciting new features Powered by the newest watchOS 7, Apple Watch now support sleep tracking - something that was present before on other non-Apple devices, such as Fitbit, is now available on your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Series 6 also features a new S6 processor and the company's U1 ultra wideband chip.

The Apple Watch Series 3 stays on sale, at a reduced price of $299 but there is no longer a 4G option. There's also USB-C and WiFi 6 support. At Apple Park (the company's campus) today, CEO Tim Cook wasted no time diving into two new products: an iPad and the new Apple Watch Series 6.

The latest fancy health feature is a way to measure your blood oxygen levels.

When the Series 5 was announced, Apple opted to lower the price of the Watch Series 3, providing an entry-level model for potential owners.

It also announced a cheaper smartwatch, the Apple Watch SE, which does not have the oxygen sensor.

Apple Fitness+ - In lieu of going to the local gym, Fitness+ is here with video workouts that integrate with your Apple Watch. Fitness metrics will be displayed and highlighted on screen during workouts when a trainer calls them out, and you'll see a summary of your session at the end. There are 10 workout options to choose from, including yoga, cycling, strength, and rowing. And if you have a family, it makes even more sense from a cost-savings perspective.

Fitness+ is one of the services being incorporated into Apple One, which bundles Apple's various subscription services into one package.

Preorder the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE now.

Family: There will be subscriptions to Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade and Apple Cloud. With a $30 Premier subscription, you get Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News+, Apple Fitness+, and 2TB of iCloud storage, shareable with up to six family members.

Compared to subscribing to each service individually, the Individual plan will save users $6 per month, while the Family and Premier plans will save subscribers $8 and $25 per month, respectively. Last year, Services revenue jumped 16% from the previous year to $46 billion, but it still only accounted for about 18% of Apple's total sales for the year.

On the outside, the Series 6 doesn't look that much different from its predecessors.