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Two years after the release of the original HomePod smart speakers, Apple has finally announced the new HomePod Mini, a more compact version of the HomePod speaker. The speaker is downward facing and features Apple's S5 chip which is using some interesting tech. But it has many uses: AirDrop, for example, benefits from it, as the sending device knows more precisely the direction of the recipient. So, if you and other members of your family are using the HomePod Mini to check your calendars, Siri will deliver precise results from your respective schedules.

With the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple has left the iPhone 11 in its lineup (see photo above) at a reduced price, making it a really interesting choice for anyone looking to get a new iPhone.

The smart speaker system around the $100 price point till now was pretty sparse. HomePod Mini can be purchased from and Apple Authorised Resellers in India.

Apple opened its iPhone announcements for 2020 with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, bringing the more affordable line some of the premium features usually reserved for the Pro line. HomePod mini will also work with other music services like Amazon Music, apart from Apple Music. There's a new "Intercom" feature that will connect the mini to the HomePods, Apple Watches, iPads, AirPods, and iPhones in your house, so you can ping your children or others. This will be very convenient if you have multiple of the Apple HomePod Mini speakers at home, and you want to switch music as you walk from one room to another or play different music on different HomePod Mini speakers. With HomePod mini, only after "Hey Siri" is recognised locally on the device, or the user activates Siri by touch, will any information be sent to Apple servers. The HomePod Mini supports streaming from multiple services including iHeart Radio and TuneIn.

It's a small speaker
It's a small speaker. Image apple screengrab

"This allows customers to place HomePod mini nearly anywhere in a room and hear consistent sound", Apple said.

The new HomePod mini can be integrated with the iPhone, iPad, and CarPlay. There's no word on when it'll arrive in Malaysia yet, but we'll be sure to keep you updated when we get more updates. The iPhone 12 supports mmWave in the U.S. as well as the more widely spread (but slower) sub-6GHz 5G. While the HomePod has certainly evolved in the past two years, competitors Amazon and Google have moved rapidly into the smart speaker space, coming out with dozens of iterations where their smart assistants Alexa and Google Assistant could live respectively. The online booking for HomePod Mini will start from November 6 and shipping wil begin from November 16.

HomePod mini will retail for $99 in the US.