Apple Finally Reveals the Long Awaited Mac Pro Refresh

Music app on Mac Book Air

Apple also revealed a new pro display to go with the new computer. Indeed, this writer thinks the new Mac Pro looks like something you'd find in a kitchen circa 1960.

If you need more RAM, no problem. This is actually good enough to take the display beyond a standard HDR rating to an XDR rating (Extreme Dynamic Range).

Perhaps the most disappointing thing about the new Pro Display XDR is that its fancy stand is sold separately for another $999.

Apple said Mac Pro owners will be able to kit out their towers with wheels for easy mobility. Throw in the base price of $5,999 of the Mac Pro itself and you are already looking at a machine that's priced at $32,500.

On top of making you feel like a Michelin-star chef, the new Mac Pro comes with Apple's newest Mac operating system, Catalina, as well as a headphone jack - which has largely been phased out of the Apple iPhone to the dismay of many headphone jack holdouts. Each connector can handle up to two AMD Radeon Pro Vega II cards, and users can outfit the Mac Pro with two of those connectors (for four Vega II cards total). Although the prices are certainly high for "the rest of us", for those who need a Mac capable of crunching and shuttling data around at very high speeds, Apple may have finally gotten this Mac Pro right.

The holes on the front of the Mac Pro allow the three internal impeller fans to push air over all of the computer's components - the CPU, GPU, memory, storage, etc. - and then release it out the through the back.

While $6,000 gets you a Mac Pro with an 8-core Xeon W processor, moving up to a 28-core model is going add a lot to the price. It also introduced Apple Afterburner, an accelerator card that Apple says enables playback of "three streams of 8K ProRes RAW video simultaneously". Interestingly, Apple opted to use LCD panel technology-not OLED-to create the monitor.

The product's other selling point is the brightness.

With a large array of LEDs in a direct backlighting system, the Pro Display XDF produces 1,000 nits of full-screen brightness and 1,600 nits of peak brightness.

The bottom line: Apple's revamped Mac Pro, while expensive, appears to represent a return to excellence, a back-to-roots move that tosses the trash can in favor of earlier, beloved generations of the computer. While the new Mac Pro doesn't look all that stellar in the design department, the overall accessibility of the case more than makes up for it. That means when bought together, one Mac Pro can set you back $12,000, or enough to buy a new auto.