Apple Announced new HomePod Mini, Intercom, Price, November 6

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By Brendyn Lotz

A month ago chief executive officer at Apple, Tim Cook announced a few new gadgets and this evening he's unveiling a few more. The miniature version of HomePod has a new circular bowl-shaped design, wrapped in mesh fabric. During the event, Apple emphasized how the new smart speaker will soon work with a myriad of third-party apps, including Pandora.

The Homepod Mini also features something called Intercom which will broadcast messages across a network of Apple devices which seems great for families. Sales are set to begin from November 16.

This is the big platform difference between the three speakers.

Notable Apple leaker Jon Prosser recently reported that the HomePod mini is going to be a "UWB (ultra wide-band) hub in disguise" that could be wirelessly linked with other Apple devices with the same tech. It's best to make a firm choice on which voice assistant you want to use. Apple has also copied the Google Assistant's "Broadcast feature" but has dubbed it Intercom. Alexa devices can already do this, but the benefit here is that it'll also work with other devices including your AirPods, iPhones, and Apple Watches. You just can't use Siri if you have an Android phone or a Windows PC. You can ask it questions, control music and so much more. Works with HomeKit, so those with Apple smart home kit can control it with their voices.

Homepod Mini features snapshot
Homepod Mini features snapshot

Technically speaking, you aren't "shouting" across all your devices. Missing from this list is Spotify support. For example, through optimized power management features and a high-efficiency power supply, HomePod mini has been created to be efficient in its low-power mode, where the majority of time is spent. It also will light up when you activate Siri.

When plonking two HomePod Mini speakers in the same room, these Siri-enabled speakers will detect their proximity and pair-up to play your music in stereo.

On the hardware side, the Amazon Echo features a 3-inch woofer and dual front-firing 0.8-inch tweeters.

The HomePod mini represents a chance for Apple to get in on the market for lower-cost speakers enjoyed by the Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot.