Andrew Cuomo's Hold on Power Is Unraveling

Seventh Accuser Emerges, Saying Cuomo Sexually Harassed Her 'Several Times'

None of the defections hurt more than those of New York's two US senators, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. "Governor Cuomo should resign".

Another powerful Democrat, House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler, said investigations must be allowed to run their course, but that does not mean Cuomo should remain in office.

Young left-wing lawmakers, including U.S. Reps.

Cuomo denies the allegation.

"It is time for him to step down", he added. "Period", the governor said on the call. Most Democratic leaders in the state appeared relieved and willing to go along with the narrative that we must wait for an investigation led by Kim-the man who dropped the federal investigation into Bill de Blasio's myriad corruption scandals.

True to his reputation as a tough politico, he stressed that he would not bow to the phenomenon known as "cancel culture" that has fueled debates over censorship and free speech.

James said on Thursday that "today's action by the NY state legislature will have no bearing on our independent investigation into these allegations against Governor Cuomo".

"Part of this is I'm not part of the political club, and you know what?"

"I'm sorry. Am I making you uncomfortable?"

Andrew Cuomo again insisted on Friday he would not resign while allegations of his sexual misconduct are investigated, pushing back against a chorus of fellow Democrats, including more than a dozen US representatives, who have said he should step down.

The woman has not filed a criminal complaint, but a lawyer for the governor, as required by state law, reported the allegation to the Albany Police Department.

Despite refusing to step down in a defiant press conference on Friday, the writing is on the wall for Cuomo.

Cuomo, photographed outside the Executive Mansion with one of his daughters and talking on the phone with a shawl draped across his shoulders late Friday, continued to insist he has done nothing wrong. An unnamed female aide now reports that the governor reached under her blouse and grabbed her breast while she was helping him with a computer problem; this allegation of assault-as opposed to the largely awkward, albeit creepy, claims about his behavior toward women that had emerged previously-escalated the intensity of the demands that Cuomo resign or face impeachment.

"There is still a question of the truth". I did not do what has been alleged, period. I was not elected by the politicians, I was elected by the people. Am I making you uncomfortable?

"A lot of people allege a lot of things for a lot of reasons", he said Friday.

He declined to answer a direct question from a reporter about whether he's had a consensual romantic relationship with any of the women.

NY state Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie on Thursday said the judiciary committee under the assembly has been authorised to initiate an impeachment investigation into Cuomo.

"The repeated accusations against the governor, and the manner in which he has responded to them, have made it impossible for him to continue to govern at this point", the congressman said. "Governor Cuomo must resign".

Dozens of Democrats had already called on Cuomo to resign this week, but the coalition of critics expanded geographically and politically on Friday to include the likes of New York City progressive U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; the leader of the House Democratic campaign arm, U.S. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney; Buffalo-based U.S. Rep. Brian Higgins; and a group of Long Island-based state lawmakers who had been Cuomo loyalists. It's anybody's guess what calculations lie behind the decidedly qualified statements issued by Gillibrand and Schumer, whose respective silences when it comes to demanding Cuomo's resignation are growing more deafening with every passing hour.

"We have serious issues across the entire state", Mr Cuomo said, referring to the Covid-19 pandemic, as he claimed his colleagues' calls to step down at such a time were "dangerous" and "reckless".