Anastasia Lin, Canada's Miss World, States She's Being Focused By China

Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin at the international premiere of the documentary

She was crowned Miss World Canada in May, and afterwards said that her father, who still lives in China, was being intimidated by Chinese security officials at his home in Hunan.

Lin told Epoch Times, "I'm a contestant representing Canada, and Canadian judges chose me precisely because they thought I would best represent Canadian values, including liberty and human dignity".

Like the Iranian-born Afshan-Jam, Lin has been an outspoken critic of the country of her birth.

Since coming to Canada at the age of 13, the woman has become a follower of Falun Gong, a spiritualist movement that is outlawed in China - and whose members are at the forefront of protesting Chinese communist rule overseas.

Officials from the Miss World organisation were not immediately available to comment, and a Canadian contest official did not return calls.

Lin is having doubts if Chinese authorities will issue her a visa and believes she is being discriminated due to her stance on alleged human right abuses in China.

"As you know, this issue falls under the purview of the federal government and as such we wouldn't comment on a specific individual", wrote press secretary Jennifer Beaudry, adding that the Premier is committed to raising human rights issues while overseas.

Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin has accused China of trying to prevent her entry to the Miss World competition finals, which is scheduled to be held in the country on November 21. In her testimony, she said she wanted to "speak for those in China that are beaten, burned and electrocuted for holding to their beliefs", according to the full text of her statement on the Congressional-Executive Commission on China's website.

Without that official invitation Lin says her Chinese visa application can not be completed. 

In a video campaign aimed at helping secure her the people's vote in the Miss Canada pageant, Ms Lin speaks of her desire for freedom.

However, a spokesperson for the Miss World pageant seemed pathetically powerless about Lin's situation.

Chinese-born actress Anastasia Lin was crowned Miss World Canada in May, scoring a ticket to the global competition at a Chinese resort next month. She insists that Miss World headquarters should have taken a more resolute stand on the matter.

Specifically, Miss World competitors were required to obtain a signed and stamped invitation letter from the foreign affairs office for the city of Sanya.

Lin has been in touch with fellow competitors who obtained their letters without incident, but said her attempts to contact organizers in Sanya and at the Beauty Crown Hotel have been ignored.

Miss World pageant representatives merely said that they cannot compel China to issue a visa to Lin and that with or without her, the finals will push through. The swimsuit component was removed just the past year.

A few would say that the issue of Ms. Lin's admission isn't just about a beauty pageant, but also reflects a wider timidity with the Asian superpower.

However, Lin notes that the latest iteration of the pageant will likely reach an audience of millions in China.

She continued, speaking about what Miss World ought to do in the face of the potential discrimination and political interference from China: "I would respectfully suggest that the Miss World Organization consider whether it's appropriate to continue using China as a venue for its events".