Amy Klobuchar to address Democrats at Nevada convention

Amy Klobuchar to address Democrats at Nevada convention

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has built his campaign around a promise to heal "the soul of the nation" and is suddenly getting his chance to try in real time.

Amy Klobuchar's prospects of becoming Joe Biden's vice president pick have come into question as public outrage over the death of George Floyd continues in her home state.

In a tweet, they claimed Klobuchar failed to hold the Minneapolis Police Department accountable for alleged racism and abuse while she was a prosecutor for Hennepin County. Orange Harris of California, Stacey Abrams, a former minority leader from the state of Georgia, and Catherine Cortez Masto, Sen. of Nevada, are also potential candidates.

Other college democratic organizations - which usually support the Democratic candidate for president and drum up support among young voters - including the Texas College Democrats, the Memphis Young Democratic Socialists and the Carolina Young Democratic Socialists, have all issued similar statements calling for a full review of Reade's allegations, according to reports by Campus Reform.

Earlier this month, Biden acknowledged the pressure and noted that "significantly more than one black woman" was being considered.

Biden has pledged his running mate will be a woman. That investigation continued into a time where I was already sworn into the U.S. Senate.

Amy Klobuchar to address Democrats at Nevada convention

Chauvin on Friday was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter for the killing of George Floyd.

Klobuchar's spokeperson responded by saying the incident occurred near the end of her term just before she joined the Senate. A video showing Floyd complaining that he could not breathe as Chauvin kneeled on his neck has helped spark unrest in cities around the country.

"He's going to make the best decision on whoever he wants to govern with", she said of Biden.

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, which has led to raging protests there and elsewhere, is the latest in a string of United States incidents involving unarmed black men, including the shooting of a jogger in Georgia in February and numerous high-profile police killings that gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement.

While it is misleading to connect Klobuchar to the Chauvin case, she has been criticized for her lack of aggressive prosecution in other police shootings of Black men while she was her county's top prosecutor.