Alien: Paradise Lost to have connection to Ripley!

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Amusing enough, in an interview with German website FilmFutter, Scott confirms that Prometheus does in fact connect with Alien, only not in the next sequel*.

There's still no word on when Prometheus 2 aka Alien: Paradise Lost will go into production, but Scott has stated that he sees at least two or three sequels spawning out from the original.

English film director and producer Ridley Scott revealed on Thursday the name of his next film, a sequel to "Prometheus". "In a way it is "Prometheus 2.' It's exactly the same story", he told the magazine about the title swap".

Actually, it's going to be called Alien: Paradise Lost, so Prometheus 2 isn't what it's really going to be. We're not sure how it could take so many extra sequels to say "they were bred to look scary and kill people", but that's why we're not famous directors.

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As much as we love Ridley Scott, his work of late has been crushingly disappointing. Noomi Rapace will also reprise her role as Elizabeth Shaw, Movie Web reports. More than likely, the origin story, according to Scott, won't be fully revealed until the third, or even fourth installment in the series. "Definitely. Last time I should have done it". He explained in the interview that the film will be more a prequel to 1979's Alien, examining the "why and how the beast was invented". This will go out first. There had been speculation that Alien: Paradise Lost might mean that it wouldn't get made, but Sir Ridley has scotched those rumours.

A fifth film - Alien 5 - has director Neill Blomkamp on board as well as plans for Sigourney Weaver to come back as Ellen Ripley. Everything was good and well until the 4th one got a subtitle, Alien: Resurrection.

Prometheus 2 will feature a new planet and this is going to be the place from where the Engineers originate.