Alabama Determined to Keep College Football's Top Spot

Alabama Determined to Keep College Football's Top Spot

In winning their eight SEC national title in ten seasons, The Crimson tide broke a two-year drought for the league. Alabama presently stands at the top in college football, though, all the uncertainty resulting from quarterback complications and the emergence of three new coaches in the East explains why the college football betting lines seem to lack certainty, at least with regards to Alabama’s ability to maintain its position. 

For Jonathan Allen, the biggest threat to Alabama is their inability to muster the hunger necessary to win. Allen doesn’t think Coach Nick Saban will allow complacency to persist, not with Tennessee and Mississippi and their accomplished returning passers showing such determination to continue climbing the ranks.

Longtime Tide defensive coordinator Kirby Smart, Will Muschamp, and Barry Odom are the parties to watch this season, working to get Georgia, South Carolina, and Missouri respectively over their humps. 

In the West, LSU will be looking to deliver an even stronger finish than before. 

When it comes to favorites in the league, Tennessee seems to have a clear advantage in the East while Alabama in West has all the makings of another successful season. Dobbs has been positioned, along with the volunteers, as a front runner for their first division title in a very long time.

Of the seven teams, there are three with new coaches, with Florida and Georgia presently distracted by the fact that they didn’t have an established No.1 QB by the time of the fall camp.

The defending national champions from the West, Alabama have a lot of talent. Some people might be disturbed by the fact that the only quarterback they have with college experience is Cooper Bateman. However, David Cornwell and Blake Barnett are nothing to scoff at. Both players were highly rated recruits.

Mississippi has a decent record against the Crimson Tide. Kelly will not only make them a greater threat but shore up their strength against Les Miles and Leonard Fournette whose efforts to lead LSU back from the stumbles of the previous season could threaten Mississippi.

Among the notable players this season, Leonard Fournette will be a standout; a favorite to win the Heisman Trophy last season, Leonard will benefit from a more consistent passing game.

On the other end of the spectrum, Myles Garrett continues to exceed expectations, his 24 sacks in two seasons setting Garrett apart as the best in the league. And this is despite all the elite pass rushers in the NFL.

Cam Robinson is expected to block for a new backfield while Chad Kelly will continue being the Quarterback to watch. 

As far as the new faces are concerned, Kirby Smart from Georgia will be looking to chase Saban (his mentor); the biggest on-field addition will take the form of QB Trevor Knight whose efforts in a previous Super Bowl Win Over Alabama make him one of the most formidable assets in the game. 

While Bo Scarbrough and Damien Harris attempt to replace Derrick Henry, Gus Malzahn will have to overcome a lot of struggles to reinvigorate his reputation among the SEC teams. Though, his situation might not be as precarious as Kevin Sumlin who has had some trouble holding onto quarterbacks. 

On the other hand, Les Miles’ groundswell of support might keep him safe for a few more games, though another lengthy losing streak will not help his situation.