Ainge's patience pays off with Celtics' draft lottery win


They earned another win Tuesday night as they won the NBA Draft Lottery and were awarded the #1 overall selection in the upcoming draft. This is where three "D-teams" are positioned in the Draft Lottery part of the first round...

With its most recent lottery pick, NY drafted power forward Kristaps Porzingis, who has since become a franchise cornerstone.

In 1986, the lottery was not decided based on a team's record, but on what teams logo would be drawn first from a bingo-style bucket. The Celtics had won the National Basketball Association draft lottery, capitalizing on a trade they made with the Brooklyn Nets four years ago.

Now Boston has a solid point guard in Isaiah Thomas, who had a break-out season this year. In 2015-16, the Nets lost 61 games and fired King along with coach Lionel Hollins in January.

"It's three or four guys going and one guy coming back", Grousbeck said. "This is what Brooklyn wanted to do, wanted to go all on it, chase a championship. Now it's our turn 4 years later to take some benefits from the trade". Boston also owns Brooklyn's first-rounder next season.

The Denver Nuggets haven't exactly had bad luck in the NBA Draft Lottery (unlike their Pepsi Center roommates), but they've never had good luck, either.

Ultimately the Ball family was just as excited as fans were last night. "Obviously it was good to get a little reprieve from all the other stuff we're focused on right now".

"And look what I leave behind for the Celts on my way out (No. 1) pick", Pierce wrote on Twitter. Both players went to the University of Washington.

It marked the third straight year that the Lakers landed the No.2 pick in the draft. Los Angeles secured the second overall pick.

We're more than one month away from the draft and anything can still change but it sure seems likely that Lonzo Ball will be a Laker by July. It is a similar scenario to the 2016 NBA Draft when the Lakers took Brandon Ingram after the Philadelphia 76ers decided on Ben Simmons with the no. 1 pick.

This was a huge hurdle to overcome in the long-term Lakers rebuilding plan.

"The pain that we've all gone through, the pain of losing is real". "We'll now zero in and focus on drafting a quality player at No. 3 who adds to our dynamic young core", he said. "Just the Lakers. There's nobody else that we need to work out for".

LaVar, as charismatic as ever, doesn't have any doubts as to whether or not the Lakers will select Lonzo second overall on June 22. Orlando is sixth, followed by Minnesota, New York and Dallas. The Kings also have the No. 10 pick from the Pelicans as a result of the February trade involving all-star DeMarcus Cousins. Charlotte is No. 11, with Detroit, Denver and Miami rounding out the 14 lottery spots.