Adam LaRoche twist: Players complained behind his back


According to sources, Williams approached LaRoche for a second conversation to deliver a stronger message about Drake only because the veteran basically ignored the first one. "I told my wife, 'He's going to learn a lot more useful information in the clubhouse than he will in the classroom, as far as life lessons'".

And here's hoping the White Sox are able to put this whole issue behind them. Coincidentally, the White Sox are hosting the Cubs Friday afternoon at Camelback Ranch.

In a brief response issued by the club, Williams said: "While I disagree with Chris' assertions today, I certainly always have appreciated his passion".

"In this case, the teenager can see what his father did, all the day-to-day workings of the business, and that's hugely positive for children".

"From yesterday forward, we're showing up to play baseball", Sale said after pitching 51/3 innings in a 4-2 victory over the Dodgers. Two La Roche jerseys hung in front of Sale's locker, one black and one gray, with these inscriptions: "To Chris, thanks for everything, I'll never forget you, Drake La Roche" and "To Chris, thanks for taking care of me, Drake La Roche". "Drake would clean cleats, he would help out in drills, pick up baseballs when we needed, he didn't say boo to anybody and was never a trouble in the clubhouse". It has nothing to do with the rules. He's locked up through 2019 with the White Sox, and despite his resentment over the LaRoche flap, he leaves no doubt he wants to remain with the organization.

"Obviously, I expressed my displeasure toward this decision to alter the agreement we had reached before I signed with the White Sox".

Kudos to Adam LaRoche for wanting to spend quality time with his teenage son, and walking away from a $13 million salary to make sure that happened. The value of formal education vs. time together as a family. From a baseball perspective, driving LaRoche into retirement goes down as one of Williams' shrewdest roster moves since the 2005 World Series.

White Sox players considered not playing in Wednesday's spring training game in support of LaRoche, sources told ESPN's Karl Ravech.

On Friday, LaRoche revealed in a lengthy statement - his first public words since he left White Sox camp Tuesday - that while his decision might be up for debate nationally, it was hardly a debate personally.

"I had to make a decision. The decision was easy".

When Williams told LaRoche last week he couldn't bring Drake anymore, LaRoche chose to retire and walk away from $13 million.

However, other sources told B/R that Williams did not act unilaterally, that some members of the organization privately complained about the constant presence of LaRoche's son.

Eaton told that to the best of his knowledge, the contract LaRoche signed clearly stated that Drake LaRoche had clubhouse rights, that were stated in Adam LaRoche's contract.

LaRoche is the son of a former major league pitcher and coach who grew up with regular trips to major league ballparks. If the new players had issue with the kid in the clubhouse, don't they have the right to have their voice heard?

Avila, the son of Detroit Tigers general manager Al Avila, grew up around clubhouses as a kid. "I think collectively as a group we're doing that". "And I know the players in here have the utmost respect for him and what he brings to our team". How lucky they were to have such experiences all the years up until now...welcome to how the rest of us have been experiencing work-life balance all along. "It's definitely a tough situation". But he said he thought Drake LaRoche was there too much, reported ESPN. In some ways, he could see the end of his career long before this week. It is a privilege I have greatly valued.

Over the last five years, with both the Nationals and the White Sox, I have been given the opportunity to have my son with me in the clubhouse. "I choose the latter".