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7 memorable quotes from the presidential forum


"For this reason, we support Donald Trump's candidacy to be our next commander in chief".

"It's been a couple of days but I haven't seen him get into a big fight with anybody besides, going after Hillary Clinton", Bonjean said.

The candidates spoke back-to-back at the forum Wednesday night, each fielding 30 minutes of questions.

The former secretary of state had led Trump in Pennsylvania by as many as 11 points following the July political conventions, but that advantage has narrowed in recent weeks in several polls.

The report attributes the reduced military budget partly to the removal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and partly to sequestration: across-the-board cuts that automatically came into place when both parties failed to strike a spending deal in Congress in 2011.

The New York businessman, who has struggled at times to demonstrate a command of foreign policy, also seemed to acknowledge he does not now have a plan to address cyber security or the Islamic State group.

Trump praised Putin's reported 82 percent approval rating in Russian Federation, even calling him "a leader, far more than our president has been a leader". Her only comfort is that voters dislike Trump just as much, sometimes more.

The GOP nominee faced questions about his own preparedness to lead the military, and about assertions he's made in the past that he "know [s] more about ISIS than the generals do".

The Dallas Morning News is calling Clinton the only serious candidate in the race.

"There were no discussions about any of the covert actions in process being determined about whether or not to go forward", she said. "I find it frustrating, but it's part of the landscape we live in".

The appearances mark an intense, two-day focus on national security by Trump, who has offered tough rhetoric on the nation's challenges overseas but few details.

And earlier this week, for the first time this election, the Clinton campaign let press fly on the plane with the nominee and she even talked to them. Those attending include Michael Chertoff, who served as Homeland Security secretary under President George W. Bush.

It was the first time the candidates had appeared back-to-back at an event since they secured their parties' nominations, and the evening offered a preview of their first debate on September 26.

By virtue of a coin flip, Clinton took the stage first. But she defended her support for USA military intervention to help oust a dictator in Libya, despite the chaotic aftermath.

But Clinton also offered a more sharply defined vision for the wielding of American power than Trump who said "very, very" so much during his screen-time, that he might be forced to sign some kind of "Very, Very" nonproliferation treaty should he wins the Oval Office in November.

Trump defends an old tweet on military sexual assault: "No, not to kick (women) out". She sought to assure that a USA -led worldwide nuclear deal with Iran will serve to ensure Israel's safety.

Trump, who said at a rally in Greenville, North Carolina, Tuesday he expected "very big" figures, has thus far pulled in $128 million in campaign funds, however, almost half has come from his own pockets.