ZTE will showcase a gigabit phone at MWC


Nevertheless a gigabit phone sure looks promising if it can deliver both 1Gbps speed and proper performance.

While it's unlikely that you'll see support for gigabit LTE on your carrier anytime soon, you have to start somewhere. Even AT&T is taking steps towards faster "pre-5G", with plans for its 5G Evolution network this year. This handset will be called the ZTE Gigabit Phone, and according to the company, it marks "an important cornerstone for the 5G mobile era".

The Chinese company will give full details on the speedy new smartphone at this month's MWC 2017 show in Barcelona, joining a very exclusive club of devices capable of supporting gigabit LTE speeds. Naturally, the Gigabit Phone will allow for 1 gigabit per second download speeds, which ZTE believes would advance 360 degree panoramic virtual reality videos, allow for "instant cloud storage", high-quality music- and movie-streaming, and more. The phone probably is going to aim for the markets that support such speeds like United States and Australia.

The Axon 7, ZTE's current flagship phone.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the phone, so we don't know the specs or the price. That's not to say they won't also launch the phone for consumer use, but we imagine such a launch will be pretty limited. Do you think we really need such high speeds or are you perfectly content with 4G LTE as it stands?