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Zimbabwe’s opposition challenges election results in court

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The opposition says the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission rigged the election for Mnangagwa and the ruling ZANU-PF party.

"The inauguration is no longer going ahead (on Sunday) as planned", Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi told AFP.

"The presidential election was not conducted in terms of expected standards". "And that proper victor is my client, [with] the alternative that be there another election which complies with the dictates of the constitution of Zimbabwe".

Zimbabwe's constitution allows a presidential candidate to legally challenge electoral results within seven days of a victor being declared. The court has 14 days to rule.

This follows allegations that Zanu-PF lost presidential votes in the province but they were declared winners by ZEC.

He said Chamisa defeated Mnangagwa by a wide margin in Masvingo province and ZEC was finding it hard to account for the figures they announced.

"Elections are not won in court, they are won in the field".

TRT World spoke to Harare-based journalist Colombus Mavhunga for more on the story.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has said President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the ruling Zanu-PF party won the election, with the president receiving 50.8% of the vote.

The opposition party's Masvingo provincial chairperson Mr James Gumbi said their polling agents across the province were being hunted and being forced to sign new V11 forms.

The election passed off relatively smoothly but its aftermath revealed the deep rifts in Zimbabwean society.

On August 1, soldiers opened fire on MDC protesters, killing six people and sparking an global outcry.

Police and the country's military cracked down on the protesters, leading to six people being shot dead, which immediately sparked an outcry over the government's heavy-handedness in dealing with the demonstrations.

"This poses an even bigger danger to communities as it appears that the soldiers beating up civilians are not accountable to anyone", the commission said. Chamisa said on Twitter.