YouTube's big desktop redesign is now available to everyone

YouTube's big desktop redesign is now available to everyone

The Material Design user interface for YouTube was first revealed over a year ago when it was being tested. Today, the company has announced the new logo redesign, which still isn't a huge change, along with talking about some of its more recent changes and some of their upcoming changes too. We also added new Library and Account tabs that give you easy access to what you're looking for. With it comes the exciting addition of a Dark Theme - a feature I hope makes its way to the service's mobile apps soon.

Quite a few changes, to say the least. If you don't use YouTube Kids then you won't see it in your viewing experience but that is now different for those who use it.

Most of us probably spend more time watching YouTube on a mobile app instead of the browser on a desktop, and Google knows that.

The app itself is featuring a new design with the navigation tabs being moved to the bottom of the screen.

YouTube is also planning for the player to adapt to the video format - vertical, square, or horizontal.

Meanwhile, in the near future, you'll be able to swipe left on your mobile device to watch the previous video or right to watch the next one, in other words: less scrolling and clicking, and more binging.

What do you think of the new YouTube logo and the new changes for the desktop and mobile apps?

Browse and discover while you watch: We recently added a feature that lets you view a row of suggested videos while you're watching in full screen.

Google said this about the new logo - "a cleaned up version of the YouTube wordmark and icon - was created to be more flexible across devices of varying screen sizes".

The YouTube logo has now been shifted, and no longer will emphasis by placed on "Tube", but on to the play button. The world's second biggest search engine just got better.