YouTube Returns on Amazon Fire Devices

The pointless Amazon and Google streaming feud officially ends today

When relations were at their worst, Amazon didn't support or sell Chromecasts, and Google blocked YouTube on Amazon devices.

Google is also returning the favour by bringing Amazon's Prime Video to its own products.

The YouTube app supports 4K HDR streaming at 60FPS for compatible videos, as well as full Alexa voice commands. Now, both features are live, meaning both Fire TV and Chromecast will now feel like complete devices, regardless of which one you pick, which not just benefits both companies but most importantly, also us as consumers.

That being said, however, there are a few caveats.

The official YouTube app has made its comeback to the Amazon Fire TV platform more than a year after being absent over a spat between Amazon and Google.

The ability to watch Amazon Prime Video on Chromecasts and Android TV devices is also rolling out today. There's no word on when, or if, Amazon and Google will add the YouTube app back to the Echo Show. So, it steered people toward Fire TVs. The Echo Show devices, which kicked off the YouTube feud, don't have the new app as they don't run the Android-based Fire TV software. Despite this, users were unable to use their Amazon Prime Video app (on their phone) to control the content on the Android TV. The two companies had previously prevented their respective video services from being available on each other's TV streaming platforms. Mainly, this has been the case of apps such as Prime Video that has been unavailable for the lion's share of Android-powered boxes and Android TVs, as well as lack of access to YouTube app on Fire TV. After over a year and a half of this dispute, YouTube is once again available for the Fire TV.

Likewise, Amazon still does not sell any of Google's smart speakers or screens although it does stock other Nest-branded devices.