You're Invited to Mr. Ratburn's Big Gay Wedding on "Arthur"

Mr. Ratburn and his husband get married and become the superheroes we need in Arthur

Many took to social media to celebrate the fictitious union, dubbing Mr. Ratburn as a bonafide "gay icon".

Some people joked about how they were more surprised Arthur has been on for 22 season instead of the fact that Mr. Ratburn is gay.

The gang then later goes into the wedding ready to object but surprisingly find out that Mr. Ratburn is at the altar with another male.

Mr. Ratburn and "the Special Someone," as Patrick is referred to in the episode's title, join a small group of LGBTQ figures to appear in the "Arthur" universe.

Of course, this isn't the first time the Arthur-verse has featured a gay character. Little do they realize, the woman in question is actually Mr. Ratburn's sister, who just wants the best for his big day. Good for him! The episode quickly gained traction online among grown "Arthur" fans, eliciting two major reactions: First, who among the non-parents knew PBS was still airing new episodes?

"It's a brand new world!" one of the students says during the wedding.

Mr. Ratburn's newly confirmed sexuality is definitely a step forward in the right direction when it comes to representation.

It turns out Mr. Ratburn, the cake-loving school teacher, is gay. It is based on Marc Brown's Arthur Adventure book series and has so far run for 246 episodes.

On Tuesday, the station's official Twitter account tweeted out congratulations to the fictional teacher and his new husband on their nuptials. The show follows eight-year-old Arthur Reed, an aardvark who is going through life with his friends and family in fictional Elwood City.