Yahoo Mail Restricts Ad-Blocking Users

Yahoo Mail Restricts Ad-Blocking Users

It's something that seems to be restricted to the United States at the moment, and Yahoo says it is testing out the block on a "small number of Yahoo Mail users". When they try to access Yahoo Mail, they cannot log in.

Yahoo Mail users with ad blockers on their system are finding it hard to access their email account.

Yahoo Mail has begun restricting email access for ad-blocking users this week, an act likely inspired to safeguard falling advertising revenue from the free email service.

This affects folks using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. People are more than a little disgruntled by the move, but a few users have noted that by switching Yahoo Mail to Basic view, it is possible to get around the block. "The above error message started popping up today, and pops up even after disabling Adblock Plus", complained a user on Adblock Plus.

Ads are the primary source of revenue for publishers providing free content online and the popularity of newer mobile ad-blockers has renewed publishers' concern in recent months over lost revenue. The company's plunging ad revenues are evidently an upshot of the fact that ad-blocking software is increasing being used by Yahoo Mail users in the US.

Yahoo has since reached out to multiple publications, confirming the matter.

A Yahoo rep confirmed that the company is testing out a sort of lockout for ad blocker users, in a statement to Business Insider: "At Yahoo, we are continually developing and testing new product experiences".

Andrei Herasimchuk, a former Yahoo designer, has also shared his discontent over Yahoo's actions.

Netizens have reported on the Adblock Pro support forum being unable to use the Yahoo!