Yahoo Inc (NASDAQ:YHOO)’s new applicationn “Fantasy Sports” for Android and iOS

Boston, MA, 07/29/2013 (nysepost) – After the filing of SEC form 8-K, making of definitive agreement and changing of the directors and principal officers, the stock of Yahoo Inc (NASDAQ:YHOO) is down to the value of – 1.10% at present. A total number of 6,995,960 shares have been traded. Currently, the stock of Yahoo Inc is down to the value of – 7.01% from the company’s 52-week high. This has prompted the Growing Stock Report to include the company’s stock into their NASDAQ Decliners Watch List.

Yahoo Inc has launched its new application named “Fantasy Sports” for Android and iOS. This application has been renovated which has mobile drafting also. This latest application is integrating the technologies from Loki Studios and Bignoggins Productions, which are acquired by Yahoo Inc more recently. The company said that it has realized the importance of Draft Day among every football players. The updated application also contains the mock-drafting capabilities which will help the users to prepare for the actual games. This is the feature which is not only restricted to football but also can be used for other games also. In the recent weeks, Yahoo Inc was being the focus of call players. Approximately, 26,000 calls have been traded.

During the last trading session, Yahoo Inc has gained 1.75% to close at the value of $ 27.84 for each share. The stock opened at the price of $ 27.53 for the day. During the day, the stock prices were fluctuating between the values of $ 27.23 and $ 27.92 for each share. At present, the 52-week low of the stock is $ 14.59 and the 52-week high of the stock is $ 29.83. Yahoo’s institutional holding was 77% and the number of total outstanding shares in the market is 1.08 billion shares and the market capitalization of the stock is at the value of $ 30.20 billion at present.

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