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Xi urges Trump to ease N Korea sanctions

The U.S. is considering suspending some sanctions on North Korea for 12 to 18 months in exchange for a freeze on the country’s nuclear weapons program the Yonhap News Agency

Though it lacked substance, the impromptu meeting was the first between Trump and Kim since their second summit in Vietnam in February collapsed without any agreement due to squabbling over USA -led sanctions on the North, and the two leaders agreed to resume working-level nuclear talks.

The statement said the United States and 23 other countries sent a letter to the UN Security Council committee monitoring sanctions on North Korea demanding urgent action 'under the absurd pretext of "excess in the amount of refined petroleum imported"'.

Afterward, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that working-level discussions between North Korea and the United States would resume "around the middle" of July, although no further details have been announced.

The USD/JPY pair stalled its decline and now holds steady just below the 108 handle, little affected by the above headlines. -North Korea summit in June 2018, Trump promised to provide security guarantees to Pyongyang, while Kim committed to the "complete" denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Accompanied by Moon, Trump approached Kim at the border in the first-ever meeting of its kind and then became the first sitting US president to cross into North Korea, with both men expressing warm sentiments months after bilateral talks fell through in February.

The focus is on whether North Korea will make a detailed request at envisioned working-level talks between the two countries, which Washington has been eager to resume by the end of this month.

North Korea has frozen nuclear bomb and missile testing since 2017, but USA officials believe it has expanded its arsenal by continuing to produce bomb fuel and missiles.

An unidentified policy research director at the ministry's Institutes for American Studies said Seoul's purchase of the USA jets was meant to "please the United States, their master, like eating mustard in tears", though Seoul knows well the project is an "extremely risky action" that will increase military tensions. Questioned on the veracity of the report, State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus said Tuesday that such a move "would never be the end of a process", but "would be at the beginning".

Until earlier this year, North Korea had urged that United Nations sanctions, aimed at thwarting its nuclear and ballistic missile ambition, be lifted, while claiming that it has started to take concrete measures toward denuclearization.

Washington also said earlier this week that it did not consider a North Korean nuclear freeze as any type of goal, saying that any suspension of the DPRK's nuclear program and production of fissile material should be the starting point of an agreement.

"You have a man that was so happy to see me".

"You have a man that when I came into office all he was doing before under [former President Barack] Obama was testing nuclear weapons and blowing up mountains and now he's not doing it", the president said. That's a good thing, not a bad thing.