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Xi urged Trump to ease North Korea sanctions in 'timely' fashion

President Donald Trump Visits South Korea

During their meeting, Trump went across Panmunjom's military demarcation line into North Korea, becoming the first sitting American president to step foot in the North's soil since the end of the 1950-53 Korean War.

Even some of President Trump's critics admired his recent improvised meeting with Kim Jong Un.

He acknowledged that no document was signed but said that Trump and Kim had declared the "beginning of the end of hostile relations and a new era of peace by their actions".

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

President Moon Jae-in, who traveled to the truce village of Panmunjom with Trump on Sunday, also expressed confidence the meeting would lay the foundation for renewed negotiations aimed at persuading the North to abandon its nuclear weapons. Trump's "Walk" Across the DMZ Made That Less Likely.

Moon, a liberal who took office in 2017, has lobbied hard to set up diplomacy between Trump and Kim to help find a peaceful settlement of the North Korean nuclear crisis. "South Korea feels gratitude for the United States".

However, out of diplomatic courtesy, the official didn't reveal exactly what Kim said.

For right now, the meeting between Trump and Kim amounts to nothing more than an historic photo-op and yuge propaganda coup for the North Korean leader Trump once dismissed as little Rocketman. He has 60 nuclear weapons, he has missiles. About 28,500 US troops are stationed in South Korea as deterrence against potential aggression from North Korea.

A week before the G20 summit in Osaka, Xi became the first Chinese leader to visit North Korea in 14 years in a trip analysts said was meant to showcase China's influence over the North prior to trade talks with the US. The South's Joint Chiefs of Staff says its radar found "the traces of flight by an unidentified object" on Monday, July 1, over the central portion of the Demilitarized Zone that bisects the two Koreas.