X Factor drama! Did Lauren Murray push and insult 4th Impact?!

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Getting to the next level is going to be tough for 4th Impact as the competition gets more intense with only three weeks to go.

Simon Cowell said that they did a great job.

Advancing to the next round with 4th Impact are Lauren Murray, Louisa Johnson, Reggie N Bollie and Che Chesterman.

Taking exception to Ora's "rehearsed" comment, Group mentor Cheryl Fernandez-Versini paid tribute to the hardworking Cercado sisters and pointed out how they managed to perform well despite being away from their home country and families.

The group was the second to be called safe onstage after Lauren Murray.

The incident was the final bit of controversy in a drama filled weekend for The X Factor.

You'd think that that would be enough of a battle for the night - but as the camera cuts away to the remaining contestants watching, we can see Lauren Murray pushing away one of the 4th Impact girls as they go in for a hug.

Mason Noise and Anton Stephans were eliminated.

As the tension grows on Twitter, 4th Impact released a video on Twitter. The clip from "The X Factor" live show got a lot of attention on Twitter.

During Sunday night's results show (22 November), viewers watched as Lauren appeared to brush off one of the sisters as the acts gathered at the side of the stage to watch the sing-off.