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World's smallest surviving baby leaves hospital

World's smallest surviving baby goes home 5 months after birth

The tiniest surviving baby named Saybie was born in 23 weeks and three days in a California hospital instead of 40 weeks - normal maturity period for any pregnancy. She weighed seven grams less than the previous smallest surviving newborn, who was born in Germany in 2015, according to the hospital.

Babies born before 28 weeks are considered micro preemies.

Baby "Saybie" was born prematurely when her mother was only 23 weeks into the pregnancy.

Now four months old, Saybie weighs 1.8 kg.

Saybie's family have given permission to share her story, but chose to remain anonymous.

Dr. Edward Bell, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Iowa, said Saybie had the lowest medically confirmed birth weight submitted to the registry.

"We can not rule out even smaller infants who have not been reported to the Registry", he said in an email to The Associated Press.

"She was small and fragile, and could fit in the palm of the hands of her care team", the hospital said.

The baby only weighed the same as an apple when she was born in December.

Fighting for life, she was transferred to the intensive care unit of the hospital and doctors told Saybie's parents she had just hours to live.

But she did. The tiny girl slowly gained weight in the neonatal intensive care unit. However, that hour became two hours, then a day, then a week as the baby fought for life.

A pink sign was placed on Saybie's crib, reading "Tiny but Mighty".

Emma Wiest, one of the nurses featured in the video, said when she heard about Saybie "it sounded unbelievable".

It's clear Saybie is not only a little fighter, she's a record-breaker too!

Just last month, a CT preemie made headlines when he was able to head home after growing from 11 ounces to 11 pounds during nine miracle months at two Westchester hospitals.

The infant, referred to as Saybie, was born in December 2018 via an emergency cesarean section at 23 weeks.

She nonetheless will still face enormous challenges as a micro-preemie, including possible respiratory, hearing and vision problems.

"She is the smallest baby", Saybie's mother added.

Saybie has beaten the odds so far.