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Woman sends 65000 texts to man after first date

Woman sends 65000 texts to man after first date

He said Ades sent him about 65,000 texts and there were times he received 500 messages a day from her, according to FOX10. She explained to reporters while awaiting trial, "I told him, 'If you ever block me on this app I would come and move here.' So he blocked me, so I came here".

Ades was arrested over an incident last week in which she allegedly showed up at the man's workplace pretending to be his wife. The police also found a butcher knife on the passenger seat of her vehicle and charged her with trespassing.

The man's ordeal began in July 2017 when Ades was found sitting in a auto outside his home, police said.

Jacqueline Ades, 31, was arrested earlier this week and charged with making threats, stalking and harassment. "When you find love, everything is flawless".

But on April 30, the man again contacted authorities, showing them more threatening text messages.

When Ades realized that the man didn't share her feelings, she resorted to verbal violence.

"Oh, what I would do w/your blood".

On April 8, the victim called police after he saw Ades walking around his home while he was away on business overseas. Authorities arrived to the scene and escorted her off the property which, according to police, did nothing to stop her unwarranted behavior.

In addition, she claimed that she had never meant to hurt or scare the victim and she doesn't blame him for her incarceration. At one point, Ades sent more than 65,000 text messages. They started messaging and, according to Ades, the victim asked if she had ever been to Arizona. "I'll kill you.I don't wanna be a murderer". The sheer volume of weird behavior displayed by Ades is insane.

"Ades said that she met the man, whose name has not been publicly released, on a dating site called Luxy, the self-proclaimed "#1 Millionaire Online Match & Dating Service". She reportedly wrote: "I hope you die. you rotten filthy Jew", "I'm like the new Hitler. man was a genius" and "I'd wear your fascia 'n the top of your skull 'n your hands 'n feet".