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Woman dead in Melbourne hotel, men quizzed

Buck's party guests released from custody after dead woman found in their shower

The woman has yet to be identified, and the cause of death is not yet known, but further reports are expected to assist with this.

They would not say who the deceased woman was or how they met her.

A spokesperson from the Department of Defence was unable to comment to Daily Mail Australia as to whether the woman was a member.

Police are yet to identify the body of a woman located in Melbourne's CBD this morning, Victoria Police say.

At this time, Homicide Squad detectives are investigating the death.

The responding paramedics later pronounced her dead.

It's been reported that one of the men initially thought the tragic find had been part of "one big stitch-up... but it turns out it wasn't" according to the Herald Sun.

Two of the men said they'd attended an AFL game on Saturday night before making their way to popular club Cloud 9, where they were seen partying until around 2:30 - 3am.

One told The Age they had been at the football and didn't "know what happened".

Four men from NSW and the ACT were taken in for questioning after the grisly discovery was made at a hotel room on Market Street at 8am on Sunday and later released.

A report is being prepared for the coroner.