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Woman Arrested After Traveling With Children Inside of Pet Kennels


A Tennessee woman is in hot water after a viral video showed her reportedly letting children out of pet kennels stored in the trunk of a vehicle.

According to a police affidavit, the children-aged seven and eight-said there was no room left in the auto, so they were told to sit inside the kennels.

Department spokesman Rob Johnson said investigators are reviewing the case of Leimome Cheeks, who is charged with two counts of child endangerment.

The video was taken on Elvis Presley Boulevard near Graceland. When questioned, the kids said their grandmother told them there was no room in the auto for them and put them in the kennels. That followed a 35-minute drive through the Memphis area, according to CBS affiliate WREG.

Cheeks' neighbor, Camilla Cowan, says she was shocked to see the video on Facebook but thinks Cheeks didn't realize she was doing anything wrong. She seems like a nice lady.

Cheeks is being charged with child endangerment, while police and Child Services continue their investigations. "For them to be in the hot vehicle like that in cages is sad", neighbor Nikita Blake said.

Mrs Cheeks neighbours' expressed their horror at the incident, with residents calling the grandmother a woman of strong faith.

When Cheeks opened the back of her SUV, her grandchildren ages 7 and 8 emerged from two dog kennels. "It's a huge mistake, get some help yeah but put her in jail, it's hard to say", Blake said.

The Tennessee grandmother who was caught driving with her grandkids in dog kennels in the back of her SUV appeared in court for the first time on Monday. There was also no operable air conditioning.

Cheeks was released on bond Sunday.