With iOS 13, You Can Know Where The Apps Tracked You

New California Watch Face on watchOS 6

You can download the complete set of high-resolution iOS 13 wallpapers via this Google Drive link right here - without having to wander around.

Portrait Mode is Apple's camera feature that uses machine-learning-based techniques and the dual cameras on some iPhone models to analyze photos and create a depth-of-field effect.

As 9to5mac screenshots show, we can see that in iOS 13 will send emergent notifications when an application is making use of the location in the background.

The screenshot below shows the locations used by the Tesla app and the App Store. Curiously, iOS 13 will include a new feature so that applications that need to track our location do so "only once", through temporary access that we will have to accept or deny whenever the app requires it.

Your iPhone will now have pop-up notifications when a particular app is accessing your location.

The notification also asks whether users want the tracking to continue and the options are "Change to Only While Using", and "Always Allow". In addition, iOS 13 also lets you limit location tracking for a specific app to just once'.

Beta testers at 9to5Mac have discovered that the upcoming release, now in preview, will tell you what apps are tracking you in the background and will give you the option of switching them off. So, how do you like the new iOS 13 wallpapers? The new location notification with a map is meant to sensitize users on location permissions.

The new update will also prevent developers from learning your location via Wi-Fi network details or Bluetooth.