Windows 10 Adding New Mode to Boost PC Game Performance


When introduced previous year, automatic Windows 10 updates quickly became the bane of users' existences. Winaero's Sergey Tkachenko noticed a new feature that would allow users to delay an update for up to 35 days in a recent leaked build of the Windows 10 Creator Update.

Twitter user h0x0d tweeted that he found a "gamemode.dll" file in the Windows installation directory. It's not now operational. Although, it's unclear how far-reaching the Windows 10 game mode would be. It's not now a requirement for Windows 10 PCs, though, which means that many budget models have clumsy touchpads similar to ones found on 1990s-era machines. When activated, this mode will prioritise system resources for games to squeeze out more performance from your rig. According to WalkingCat, the feature pulls resources from the CPU, graphics chips, and other components. The report notes that this is similar to how Xbox One handles resources when running a game. The feature could be quite useful for those who don't like automatic updates in Windows 10.

Still, some questions remain. Windows 10 Game Mode is the latest discovery of dataminers which can practically change how the market behaves.

Microsoft will ostensibly address those questions and others in the coming weeks as more details on the Creators Update becomes available. Which means the Windows 10 game mode is intended for distribution to as many people as possible.

This update goes hand in hand with the deepening integration between Windows 10 and the Xbox ecosystem, which already includes expanded support for Xbox peripherals on Windows 10 PCs.