Windows 10 19H1 Gets Its First Preview Build of the Year

Windows 10 19H1 Gets Its First Preview Build of the Year

Essentially, Microsoft is now asking users to sign in to Windows 10 with their registered phone.

While many Windows 10 users may have never encountered this, during setup, Windows 10 has an annoying feature where Cortana speaks up in an attempt to verbally guide you through your installation.

Yeah, with hindsight (or indeed any kind of foresight), Microsoft should probably have never enabled this feature for the professional versions of Windows 10 in the first place. Microsoft recommends using a mobile app such as Word on iOS or Android to create one and then adding it to Windows.

Microsoft baffles Windows 10 users by apparently collecting data about recently opened websites and apps when users have opted against sharing that information. After creating the password-less phone number account, you can add this account to Windows by going to Settings Accounts Family & other Users "Add someone else to this PC".

If you have a Microsoft account with your phone number, you can use an SMS code to sign in, and set up your account on Windows 10.

Build 18309 took a bow overnight for fast ring testers and we can confirm that the Windows Sandbox is up and running once again.

Microsoft has been working on new accessibility tricks for some time now, and Narrator has witnessed a raft of improvements in this build. Although this offer officially ended on July 29th, 2016, it is still technically possible to go through the process on a Windows 7/8.1 PC.

For you, it means that the Administrator account will deactivate if it has been previously activated. Steam shows Windows 10 with 63.79 percent of the market, up 2.55 percent from the prior month. The feature sends a one-time code to your phone number via SMS, which you can use to log-in. We don't know the exact number of devices running Windows 10, but we do know that it's more than 700 million.

Since your account doesn't have a password, select "Sign in options", click the alternative "PIN" tile, and click "Sign in".

Narrator Home navigation: The main actions on Narrator Home, such as QuickStart and Settings, are now buttons and not Listview items. For now, you'll need to use the command line if you want to see them. Meanwhile, Microsoft also added 11 additional mouse pointer sizes in the Cursor and Pointers settings menu for a total of 15.

However, the fix hasn't been brought to the October 2018 Update and has not been listed as a known issue.