Will Every PS4 Game Be Backward Compatible on PlayStation 5?

PlayStation 5

Speaking at Toronto's Collision 2019 this week, Sony's senior vice president of R&D, Dominic Mallinson, made it clear that the company isn't sweeping PSVR under the carpet anytime soon, with the firm aiming to attract new VR players on not just PS4, but also the PS5.

He talked about the current plans for the headset and stated that the current gen PSVR will be compatible with the next PlayStation console.

A new PlayStation VR unit is in development but won't launch with the PS5, Sony has again asserted.

"There's no reason for us to coincide it with a new console", Mallinson said of a second-gen PS VR unit.

"We want to create an opportunity for fans of our games to have more touch points with our franchises", added Layden.

That isn't to say Sony isn't investing, developing, and experimenting with next-gen VR tech.

Although it could be months or even years before we actually see the next-generation home gaming console Sony has been teasing in recent weeks, the picture of the PlayStation 5 is beginning to take shape. In addition, the library of consoles was replenished with new games, albeit exceptionally.

When will the PlayStation VR 2.0 release? One issue would be to make it more user-friendly, which would include reducing the weight and the cables.

In the same interview Mallinson says Sony wants to focus strongly on ease-of-use and accessibility. Probably a year or two after the PS5's launch in 2020. The PlayStation VR is the best-selling headset to date and it's the only real potent console-powered VR solution on the market-not to mention more affordable and folds into the huge 98.6 million PS4 install base.

This is important when considering the release of Oculus Quest, a standalone device.