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Why outlook for North Korea denuclearization remains grim

Why outlook for North Korea denuclearization remains grim

The United States and Russian Federation share the same goals on North Korea as Washington tries to negotiate a nuclear deal, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said after talks with President Vladimir Putin.

It's not clear what such action would look like, though Pompeo said that the US "would not tolerate that", and that it would make US-Russia relations even worse than they already are.

Ushakov, the foreign policy aide, said Pompeo didn't raise issue with Putin, though it was part of the secretary's talks with Lavrov. "Our elections are important and sacred and they must be free and fair", he added.

Lavrov however repeated Moscow's denials of interference and said it was "absolute fiction" that Russian Federation had colluded with the Trump campaign.

The Russian president said that Mueller's report "confirmed" there were "no traces whatsoever of collusion" between Russia and the Trump campaign.

"I would very much like your visit to Russian Federation to benefit Russia-U.S. relations and promote their development", Putin said as he received Pompeo at his residence in the Black Sea resort of Sochi.

"We highlighted very useful cooperation that's happening on Afghanistan, including the trio format", Lavrov said alongside Pompeo on Tuesday.

Pompeo spoke of "truly overlapping interests" that the two countries "can build on, and most importantly, President Trump very much wants to do that".

Although Mr Pompeo and Mr Lavrov made some positive remarks about the potential for cooperation on nuclear arms control, Pompeo listed a large number of USA complaints about Russian Federation.

Pompeo and Lavrov also disagreed about Iran and Venezuela, although Lavrov held out hope that "certain agreements could be reached" on the former. "Everything will depend on what our U.S. partners want", Ushakov said. "We also would like to rebuild fully fledged relations, and I hope that right now a conducive environment is being built for that". And he did say that the US does not want to have war.

SHAPIRO: Another big issue dividing the countries is Venezuela.

As for reports that more USA troops could be moved to the Middle East, Pompeo said he would defer to the Defense Department.

Last week, the United States sent an aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers to the Middle East in response to intelligence that Iran was planning attacks on American interests.

"We fundamentally do not seek a war with Iran", Pompeo said.