Why isn’t the US women’s soccer team getting equal pay?

Sinead O'Connor backs calls for US women's soccer team to be paid more than men's

But the parade in New York's financial district was more than a tribute to a championship team, which has been involved in a well-publicized fight for equal pay with the USA men's national team.

"I don't think anyone on the team has any interest in lending the platform that we've worked so hard to build, and the things that we fight for, and the way that we live our life ..."

As The Washington Post notes, "It's tough to make a straightforward comparison of the earnings for men and women players, because the two teams have different collective-bargaining agreements that outline different pay structures".

She is hopeful the younger generation is soaking up the message from the women's team, noting a girl about 7 years old wearing an "Equal Pay" T-shirt.

Manchin said the bill was prompted out of a letter he received from WVU women's soccer coach Nikki Izzo-Brown. "United States of America!" as the hourlong ticker-tape parade moved up a stretch of lower Broadway that has long hosted such celebrations for world leaders, veterans and hometown sports stars.

At the end of the parade, Mayor Bill de Blasio presented the team with ceremonial keys to the city. The tape has since been replaced with paper confetti, already drifting down from office buildings before Wednesday's parade started.

The match averaged 589,000 viewers online - 289,000 on Fox apps and 300,000 on NBC and Telemundo apps - which makes it the most-streamed Women's World Cup match ever.

"Working with women as the Women's Soccer Coach at West Virginia University for over twenty four years and earning 17 Conference Championships, 20 NCAA appearances, and producing 25 professional players, I believe first hand, it is wrong for the US Soccer women to be paid and valued less for their work because of gender".

On Wednesday, the champions will attend their ticker-tape parade in New York City.

Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others in Congress invited the team to visit.

Pay-gap conversations are continuing to progress just days after the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup ended, with U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) becoming the latest to offer a solution to the controversy.

Star Megan Rapinoe has openly blasted President Donald Trump.

Rapinoe's vow that she's "not going to the f**king White House" prompted a response from Trump on Twitter, where he argued in a series of tweets that the team should take home the trophy before making such statements.