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White House fails to explain Trump's 'calm before the storm' comment

Sanders Puerto Rico Debt Will Go Through a Process

The crowd of Hispanic leaders who were gathered in the East Room of the White House laughed at Trump as he said that, while cheering and supporting his comments on a recovering Puerto Rico.

"We love Puerto Rico. This was a process that was put in place and set up under Obama, and that has a board of advisers that deals with that debt, and it will go through that process as we move forward".

Sanders said for Trump protecting American people was an extremely serious job.

Shortly before his ominous remark Thursday evening, Trump had said, "We can not allow [North Korea's] dictatorship to threaten our nation or allies with unimaginable loss of life", and vowed to "do what we must do to prevent that from happening and it will be done, if necessary".

The president was talking about Hispanic Heritage Month when he said he'd just been to "Puerhto Rico" and "Porto Rico".

As Deadline reported, the president's trip to Puerto Rico was like "a gift for late-night comics", such as Stephen Colbert.

Trump aided the people of the country, throwing toilet rolls at them.

Now that Donald Trump has visited Puerto Rico in order to assess the damage left behind by Hurricane Maria, his next stop is to visit Las Vegas following the mass shooting there on October 2.

Famous musician Pitbull also helped the islanders, ending a private jet so that cancer patients could leave. He also revealed that he'll be donating $1million (£747K) to help rebuild the island. In May, Natural Resources Defense Council Health Director, Eric Olson announced that because of Puerto Rico's fiscal challenges, the island faced a water crisis and nothing was done then to address, resolve or act.

"We're running out of food, we're running out of provisions, we're running out of gas, we're running out of medicines". It was the most deadly gun attack in U.S. history, leaving 58 people dead and more than 500 others injured. Another added: "Just because you say Puerto Rico with a Spanish accent doesn't make you likeable". You know. because of the love.