Where to Pre-order Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

Microsoft reveals the future of Windows Mixed Reality

"HMD Odyssey will come with two 3.5" high-resolution AMOLED displays as compared to LCD display of the other existing Mixed Reality headsets in the market.

The technical fellow has broad ambitions for WMR saying, "Mixed reality will unleash the creativity of every person and every organisation on the planet" And that it, "Will change the way we communicate, work and play". "Mixed reality offers a plethora of fun and engaging content that is continually evolving".

Alex Kipman, Technical Fellow of new device categories in the Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft, said: "With the AltspaceVR team onboard we look forward to building the world's preeminent mixed reality community". AltspaceVR will remain independent in its name and will still be working across multiple platforms as it previously has, but will include Microsoft communication software in future and Microsoft will now be handling all user accounts.

Microsoft and 343 Industries have revealed a short arcade Halo-themed mixed reality game called Halo Recruit which was created to showcase the upcoming mixed reality headsets. There will be apps from 20,000 titles that support the platform including games like Minecraft.

According to Samsung, the Windows Mixed Reality and Windows Mixed Reality Ultra badges will highlight devices "that provide great Windows Mixed Reality experiences" and "a curated list of hero devices will be tested, qualified for getting the badges this Holiday". Wearable writer, Hugh Langley stated that "it's easily the best Windows MR headset I've tried".

Halo: Recruit was made by 343 in partnership with VR developer Endeavour One.

Although nothing was shown of the title, we know this to be an "experience" rather than a full Halo VR game. "But most of all, we can't wait for you to take the Samsung HMD Odyssey out for a spin, and see it for yourself". The biggest will no doubt be Halo Recruit.

HMD Odyssey, the first Samsung VR headset to join the Windows Mixed Reality brigade, is retailing at a price of $499 and is scheduled to be shipped on November 6, 2017.