When And Where To Watch Live Coverage On TV, Live Streaming Online

When And Where To Watch Live Coverage On TV, Live Streaming Online

Where can you India vs Colombia live streaming? Even Sunil Chhetri has never played in the World Cup.

Rahul KP added: "We have already created history by becoming the first Indian team to participate in a FIFA World Cup, now we want to create history by becoming the first Indian team to win a match in the FIFA World Cup". But they must not get carried away and stay humble and keep working hard. "We have to be strong in defence", de Matos said.

Playing any FIFA Tournament for the first time, the young colts soaked the American pressure.

The US played remaining first-half finding another goal. 10': Sargent takes a free-kick for the team, but the Indians successfully defend the shot.

In the 82nd minute, when Anwar's fine kick came back from the post to deny India their best chance of the game, usa picked that magnificently to make it three on the counter-attack.

Summary: KOCHI: Even the most hardened football fans could not have imagined India playing in a world cup and Kochi playing host to global matches. To go along with their sore bodies, the brutal lesson they had received on their introduction to world level competition would also have been fresh on their minds, even as they prepared for their second match against Colombia on Monday.

The first chance of the second half went to Sargent again, but Dheeraj made himself big by diving to his right and came up with a great save. As it turned out, the ball slammed against the crossbar, was retrieved by an American defender, and turned forward in a counterattack that caught the Indians flat-footed and saw them fall to 0-3.

"We had a nervy start and the players were shy and could not play their game against ay afloat team of the quality of USA".

The US strikers chose to build the attacks, majority from their territory, while India ran out of ideas in the opposition half.

Entering into the game, the United States was the heavy favorite over India but host countries can be tricky at World Cups, particularly in opening games, as teams are typically full of emotion and pride.

But, the team is suspect defensively, given that both centre-backs, James Sands and Chris Durkin, are playing out of position. "This is the first step for India in world football", de Matos said.

"Winning and losing are part of football". The US was up with two goals lead after this goal against the hosting side.

India's persistence, or the lack of it, was evident from the third goal which came off a counterattack. "That's one thing we've learned". None of their predecessor senior teams had such luxury as they had to make do playing lowly club sides.