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What To Know About The Flu Virus As Season Ramps Up

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"We always have to remember that the Flu, although very common and we see it every year, is the most deadly virus", says Dr. Harkins. It is also more hard to vaccinate against; some estimates indicate this year's shot may only be 10 percent effective.

So if it's the predominant strain, that season can still be severe even if people have some background exposure or immunity, Fauci says. If you start on anti-viral medications within a day or two of when your symptoms start, your risk of serious disease, hospitalization and even death can be reduced. No influenza-related child deaths have been reported in New Hampshire as of December 30, the most recent data avaialble from the state.

"You've had the vaccine, but you still get the flu".

Hospitalizations have seen a sharp uptick since last week, according to the latest numbers from CDC's latest weekly update, which covers the week ending Jan 6.

Although the flu season may be peaking now, there will likely be a second wave of a different kind of flu called influenza B, Jernigan said-so vaccination is still worthwhile.

The New York State Health Department has confirmed a child has died of complications from the flu.

"It's not too late to get vaccinated", Marin County Public Health Officer Dr. Matthew Willis said. The symptoms of body aches, fatigue, and respiratory symptoms are especially severe, leading more people to seek hospital treatment.

Juma says while they anticipated the busy season they've brought in additional staff, all available beds are open and it also works with Home Health and Residential Care to manage congestion.

Ohio's flu incidence has been widespread for weeks and is accelerating, with 1,750 new hospitalizations just last week.

"In an average year, there's a good match between the strain of flu that circulates in the community and what was given in the flu shot", Folk said.

Despite that, health-care workers say it's still important for Canadians to get their flu shot - partly, they say, because some protection against H3N2 is better than none.

Bad flu season in U.S.

. People who are sick should stay home for at least 24 hours after symptoms have resolved to protect others and prevent spreading the disease.